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Resolver Media is the home of journalism aimed at ensuring that that the only true resolution is the truth.

Whether it is re-investigating closed cases or revisiting cold cases, Resolver Media exists solely to re-solve or resolve stories that still need a true ending.

Murder, etc. shocks Greenville, SC

In early 2019, Resolver Media released Murder, etc, a 27-episode true crime podcast that reinvestigates the 1975 murder of narcotics deputy Frank Looper and the death penalty conviction of Charles Wakefield. The story and ongoing investigation take a deep dive into rampant corruption, the Dixie Mafia, and a dark chapter in one of the South's most celebrated cities, Greenville, South Carolina.

Since the podcast's launch, every local news outlet has featured the investigation as breaking news and the FBI is now reviewing the case.

To hear the story yourself, visit the Murder, etc podcast web page. 

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